The Rond Project of Kip Sewell



The Rond Project is the creation of Kip Sewell, author of this site and its posted publications. The goal of the Rond Project is to alleviate human suffering caused by the erroneous ways of interpreting reality that we have all inherited from members of our species.

The Rond Project avoids erroneous interpretations of reality by instead adopting the most grounded science, the most credible philosophy, and the most realistic spirituality. The Rond Project brings these all together into a candidate for the most accurate worldview obtainable: Rond.

The word ‘rond’ is an abbreviation of ‘rondure’ (which is pronounced ron-jer). A rondure is a graceful, symmetrically curved form in either shape (such as a sphere, torus, circle, and so forth) or motion (such as a torque, circuit, rotation, orbit, etc.).

Image of spherical and circular forms across scales.

With a capital ‘R’, Rond is the name of a worldview according to which rondure—graceful, symmetrically curved form—characterizes the fundamental nature of existence and underpins all phenomena. Rondure is found throughout the physical world across all scales of size, from the smallest quantum to the largest of cosmic scales, and even the whole of time may be characterized by rondure.

Symbolic image of a human seeing the world the Rond way.
Rond is a Way of Seeing the World

In the Rond way of seeing the world, all that exists and occurs depends on that which has rondure as its underlying form; rondure is the basis of all things.

Moreover, in using the rondure concept to discern the way of things, Rond creates a new perspective on life in which apprehension of rondure in nature enables one to better cope with the human condition. The Rondian worldview is able to inspire resilience in times of trouble, enthusiasm for meeting life’s challenges, and a passion for what really matters. That is what alleviates the suffering of the human condition common to all, and that is what achieves the goal of the Rond Project.

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