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eBook Available Online Only (PDF File Format)


This new eBook edition of Forever Finite is the “expanded edition” of the work because it contains material not found in the published print edition. Specifically:

  • A technical appendix on finite mathematics
  • More glossary terms found only in the appendix

From the Introduction to the Conclusion, Chapters 1–27 are identical to the published print edition, including the page numbering for the chapters. The eBook edition adds an appendix and associated content—specifically, updates to the book’s back matter (68 new endnotes, 17 new bibliographic references, 3 new figure credits, 14 new glossary terms) and front matter (an updated table of contents and this preface note).

Prefer instead to read a hardcopy (without the technical appendix)? Then the published print edition is for you (now available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lightning Source Inc. / IngramSpark distributors). For more about the print edition, just follow the Publications menu above to the Books page, or click here.




The author has plans to produce an eBook version of each book he writes for the Rond Project. Each book of the series will therefore have both a print version for sale and a free, open access eBook version. Hence, forthcoming eBooks will cover the same subjects and have mostly the same material as their print versions.

The Rond Project eBook Series

The subjects (most titles still pending) of forthcoming eBooks are as follows:

  • Infinity (the expanded edition of Forever Finite as described above)
  • Eternity (estimated to be available online in 2025)
  • The Nature of Existence (Ontology, Metaphysics, and Cosmology)
  • Mind, Consciousness, and Evolution
  • Philosophy of Conduct (to include Ethics) and the Meaning of Life
  • Aesthetics and Spirituality
  • Knowledge (Epistemology) and Wisdom

As the eBook editions become available, they will be listed on this page.

On eBook Editions

As with their print edition counterparts, the eBooks will present ideas and positions expressing or supporting the Rondian worldview, either explicitly or implicitly.

The Rond Project compliments each hardcopy (paperback) book for sale from the publisher, Rond Books, with a free eBook alternative available to anyone online. The print versions for sale from Rond Books’ distributors are created for readers who do not enjoy spending hours staring into the backlight of a computer screen, consuming large amounts of text online, and yet also do not wish to spend the time, energy, and funds on printing out an eBook to read in hardcopy format.

(Incidentally, there is a further reason why some may prefer to invest in a print edition: contrary to popular belief, not all information online remains available forever. Printed information can sometimes last longer than electronic information. After all, it takes money to host a website and manage a database. You can always download a copy to keep offline but, once again, you either have to print the eBook version or purchase the published print edition if you desire a hardcopy of the whole book.)

Please note: The eBooks will differ a bit from the print versions available for sale from the publisher. The eBooks are truly their own editions of the author’s works. Some eBooks may offer additional, technical material not found in their hardcopy counterparts due to space limitations for print publication while other eBooks may not have all the material found in the corresponding print version from the publisher.