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Kip Sewell
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Kip Sewell is a philosopher and published author. Sewell holds BA and MA degrees in Philosophy. His works implement the Rond Project, which integrates ideas from science, philosophy, and spirituality into a new worldview called Rond.


Sewell’s publications for the Rond Project are books (in print and eBooks) and online articles which express or support the Rond worldview. He also offers presentations for the Rond Project in the form of slide decks. Additionally, Sewell has plans for a video and podcast series. The navigation menu above links to his works. As Sewell completes further publications and presentations for Rond, he will post or link to them at this website.

Author’s Statement

I have been researching philosophical, scientific, and spiritual views for over 30 years.

My journey into the world of ideas began at a young age when I was just out of secondary school. As an undergraduate, I had joined a campus ministry and I was initially quite devout. But eventually, I started having doubts regarding the ministry’s teachings. Those doubts built until I knew I was on the wrong spiritual path.

Ultimately, I decided to leave both the ministry and conservative religion altogether. Still, I had a burning desire to know the real “meaning of life.” And so I made it my life’s ambition to either find, or build, the right worldview—one that would provide the best understanding of the Universe and allow us to discern our place in the cosmic scheme of things.

But I knew that I first needed to find the right approach for this project so as to avoid self-deception and arbitrary answers. After a few college courses, I found the right approach with the study of Philosophy. I even decided to major in Philosophy, specializing in epistemology and philosophy of science. I also minored in Psychology and Religious Studies. Later, as a graduate student, I picked up further research skills that would aid me in my lifelong project to integrate all I have learned into a coherent whole, a new worldview.

This lifelong project I call the Rond Project after Rond, the worldview I am developing. I plan to release works supporting Rond over the years to come, starting with the material currently posted at this website. I invite you to consider adopting Rond or, if nothing else, find some content at this site to help you better build your own worldview.

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