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Author’s Statement

I have been researching philosophical, scientific, and spiritual views for over 30 years. My journey into the world of ideas began at a young age. As an undergraduate, I decided to major in Philosophy, specializing in epistemology and philosophy of science. I also minored in Psychology and Religious Studies. I made it my life’s ambition to either find or build the right worldview—one that would provide the best understanding of the Universe and allow us to discern our place in the cosmic scheme of things. Later, as a graduate student, I picked up further research skills that would aid me in my lifelong project to integrate all I have learned into a coherent whole, a new worldview.

This lifelong project I call the Rond Project after Rond, the worldview I am developing. I plan to release works supporting Rond over the years to come, starting with the material currently posted at this website. I invite you to consider adopting Rond or, if nothing else, find some content at this site to help you better build your own worldview.

Email me your questions or comments about any of the publications or presentations of the Rond Project or the Rond worldview:

kip AT rond dot space

Please allow 3 business days for a reply (fortunately, my schedule usually allows me to respond more promptly).

I look forward to hearing from you!