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Front cover of the book "Forever Finite: The Case Against Infinity" by Kip K. Sewell

by Kip K. Sewell


“provocative…an intriguing read” — BlueInk Review

“profound in its reach” — Foreword Clarion Reviews

“wide-ranging and comprehensive” — Kirkus Reviews

Published: 1 August 2023

Publisher: Rond Books

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Infinity is commonly assumed to be a logical concept, reliable for conducting mathematics, describing the Universe, and understanding the divine. Most of us are educated to take for granted that there exist infinite sets of numbers, that lines contain an infinite number of points, that space is infinite in expanse, that time has an infinite succession of events, that possibilities are infinite in quantity, and over half of the world’s population believes in a divine Creator infinite in knowledge, power, and benevolence.

According to this treatise, such assumptions are mistaken.

The author makes a compelling case against infinity. Any defense of the infinite will find it challenging to answer the arguments laid out in this book. But regardless of the reader’s position, Forever Finite offers plenty of thought-provoking material for anyone interested in the subject of infinity from the perspectives of philosophy, mathematics, science, and theology.


Commonly held concepts about the theory of infinity, whether from the philosophical, mathematical, or theological disciplines, are flipped on their head in the provocative book Forever FiniteThe Case Against Infinity. Author Kip K. Sewell…posits that we would be better served by discarding the notion of an ultimate limitlessness and accept that areas of study that are dependent on that definition (mathematics, physics, cosmology, and theology) be redefined with the understanding that everything has a limit…his presentation is straightforward and accessible to a wide swath of readers…Overall, his arguments, though provocative, are crisp, logical, and well-presented…the accessibility of the author’s presentation and the text’s thoroughness make this an intriguing read.

BlueInk Review

Forever Finite explores concepts of infinity with a critical eye…examining notions of finity and infinity in relation to time, space, and the existence of entities. Its investigation is thus profound in its reach…original and thought-provoking…its thesis is intriguing. Though the text involves esoteric philosophical concepts, its terms and ideas are well explained and accessible.

Foreword Clarion Reviews

An extensively detailed philosophical case against the infinite…wide-ranging and comprehensive.

Kirkus Reviews




The Rond Project includes a plan to publish a series of books. Each book in the series will express or support some portion of the the worldview called Rond.

The Rondian worldview is made up of various points of view on various philosophical subjects. Each book in the Rondian series will cover a particular set of philosophical subjects and present the Rondian take on those subject(s).

For example, one philosophical subject is the nature of the world’s limits, such as whether we live in a Universe that is finite or infinite. The first book in the Rondian series (Forever Finite—see above) addresses the philosophical subject of infinity by offering an analysis of the concept and taking a philosophical position on the matter. Likewise, time is often claimed to be eternal, but some say it is not. The second book in the series will address the subject of eternity and provide the Rondian position on that as well.

Each book in the series will thus raise philosophical subjects and present the relevant Rondian position on the given subject. The remaining books in the series will continue to build up the Rondian worldview, covering the major subject areas of philosophy. The entire series of books will thus provide the details of the worldview called Rond.

There are currently seven books planned for the Rond Project’s series of books. Forever Finite (published 1 August 2023) is the first book of the series. The remaining six books, listed by subject (titles pending), are as follows:

  • Eternity (estimated to be published in 2025)
  • The Nature of Existence (Ontology, Metaphysics, and Cosmology)
  • Mind, Consciousness, and Evolution
  • Philosophy of Conduct (to include Ethics) and the Meaning of Life
  • Aesthetics and Spirituality
  • Knowledge (Epistemology) and Wisdom

Each of the seven books in the series addresses its subject(s) in detail. Until the release of each remaining book in the series, the reader can get a better notion of the positions that Rond takes regarding the listed subjects by reading over the slide presentation available here or by accessing the materials at this site via the menu above.