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Rond values honesty. Errors should be admitted and corrected as appropriate. Any notable errors in the author’s works will be identified and corrected here for the record.


1. Minor corrections: edits to previous versions of the Rond Worldview Presentation:

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2. Major correction:

The Cosmic Sphere Retracted
The Cosmic Sphere (1999)

A Retraction of The Cosmic Sphere
Kip K. Sewell
September 2022

Abstract: In a 1999 book entitled The Cosmic Sphere, the author proposed an unconventional model of the Universe intended to solve conceptual and empirical problems facing the Big Bang theory. The author has since had second thoughts, however, and has concluded that his proposed Cosmic Sphere Model (CSM) of the Universe is flawed and cannot be accurate. In this article, the author provides an overview of The Cosmic Sphere and CSM, points out the errors of both, analyzes the implications of the errors, and closes with a few words about a future philosophical publication on cosmology.

  • Edited September 2023: See erratum note on final page.